High-Quality Wall Words

Wall Words are one of the latest trends in home decorating! Need a safe way to decorate your home, without damaging the walls? Wall words add personality to your apartment or office, and they can be easily removed without harming the paint.

100% Removable & Reusable
UV & Scratch Resistant
Self-Adhesive Backside
Semi-Gloss Satin Finish
For Indoor & Outdoor Use
Won't Stick To Itself
For Smooth or Textured Surfaces
Residue Free
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Easy To Install, Removable & Safe For Walls

Each of our Wall Words Kits comes with simple instructions that will help you apply your quote. An applicator is also included, so you will have everything you need to put your vinyl wall art up! Wall words are meant for single applications only. Your wall words kit comes with everything you need to apply your wall art!

Application takes about 10-15 minutes and is easy with our included instructions! Remember that our wall words are removable and safe on your walls. We use materials specifically made for interior use.

Clean & Residue Free

Traditional stickers, transfers, and wall stickers use a sticky backing that bonds to paint or smooth surfaces. When these stickers are removed, some of the backing is left behind in the form of a sticky residue—or you may even find that some of the paint comes off with the wall words. Yipes!

We do wall words differently. WallDecalFactory wall words use a special adhesive that grips the wall tightly, but doesn’t form a bond. When the sticker is removed, it lifts easily from the wall without residue or damage. This technology also allows the wall words to be used again at a new location without reducing the quality.

Top Layer = Transfer Tape
This is the slightly transparent masking tape-like layer that is placed over the top of the decorative decal. You should be able to see your decal through this layer.

Middle Layer = Decorative Decal
This is the actual lettering or design that will remain on the wall when application is complete.

Bottom Layer = Backing Paper
This is the thick paper that the decorative decal design is positioned on.

Easy To Install, No Hassle!